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First, you will effortlessly achieve your current goals.

Second, you will massively expand on your life and business vision.

Third, you'll tap into the ability to reach ANY vision - personal or career.

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Only $97 per month

Only $97 $37/Mo

I’m Dr Nona Djavid, the founder of eLIVate. Join me in making a quantum leap in living your best life.

eLIVate Club gives you the opportunity to put spiritual and scientific concepts of success into practical steps. Clarity around your goals or vision for life. Life hacks that get you there faster. And expanding all that you want to create in this life.

eLIVate Club also gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with individuals who are on the same path wanting to squeeze more out of life.

Our members are experiencing massive growth in their Health, Wealth, and Connection.

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  • Weekly Lessons With Dr Nona
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Quantum Leap

I created eLIVate Club to help you design a successful and growth-centered life. Breaking down spiritual and success laws and making them practical for a busy individual wanting more out of life: better health, wealth, and connection.

Each week I deliver brand new lessons, practical life hacks, success tips, community, connection, and so much more. We also have workshops, LIVE sessions, and much more.

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Michael Bernard Beckwith

"Nona possesses immense knowledge, conviction, and determination. That's why I wrote the foreword to her book, eLIVate Your Life."

"eLIVate Club is the second best thing to having Dr Nona as my personal life coach!"

Making the decision to join as a founding member was a no-brainer for the price and value. If you are looking to immerse yourself in content that is practical and helps you be the best version of yourself, this is for you. Every week I am inspired and motivated and have already made friends with eLIVate members.

Jillian D.

"It’s just the start, and it’s been incredible!"

I am new to eLIVate Club and I am already seeing a difference in my life. My practice has had a big shift and I’m creating more prosperity in my life. My habits have changed in this short period of time. The habits I had been working on for years seem to be effortless. Each week I’m excited to learn more and implement into my life and business. 

Stephen R.