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Dr. Nona Djavid

Learn how to take quantum leaps toward the full, juicy life you deserve in your health, wealth, and connections.

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eLIVate your frequency

When you know you're capable of giving more, achieving more, and living a more fulfilling life, it's time to eLIVate.

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Only one person will change your life -- YOU.


What does your juicy, fulfilled life look like? We'll cement your vision with a life script.


It's time to live in a frequency that opens you to growth. We'll shift your energy.


Experience moments you've only imagined. We'll make quantum leaps to your goals.

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Dr. Nona Djavid

I’m Dr. Nona, the founder of eLIVate. Join me in making a quantum leap in living your best life. eLIVate Club gives you the opportunity to put spiritual and scientific concepts of success into practical steps. Gain clarity around your goals or vision for life. Learn life hacks that get you there faster. Expand all that you want to create in this life. eLIVate Club also gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with individuals who are on the same path wanting to squeeze more out of life. Our members are experiencing massive growth in their health, wealth, and connection.

Allison Carlson

Before the eLIVate Club, I was limiting myself, and now I have a new thought system. I have a new purpose to change up my actions, think things wildly different, and expect to have different results.

Dr. Shawn Currie

With the eLIVate Club, the group of people I have now to lean on is one that I never would have imagined I'd have. I've made connections within this community that I believe will be life-long. 

Dr. Suzi Schulman

I really believe that my purpose in life wasn't clear to me until I started doing the work in the eLIVate Club. Dr. Nona attracts people who want to be inspired and who want to inspire others.