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Hi! I'm Nona. Host of the eLIVate Club.

Sixteen years ago I discovered my business, and countless others, was drowning in mediocrity trying to fit into one-size-fits-all industry standards. Now I coach entrepreneurs on how to build million-dollar businesses with spiritual and science-backed principles. You get one life. Let's make it the juiciest one possible!

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eLIVate Club is dedicated to entrepreneurs and life-hackers obsessed with a growth mindset who want to squeeze the best moments out of life. If you want more health, wealth, and deeper connections, this is your community, and I am your coach.

I'm a dreamer who...

 authored a groundbreaking book that breaks down personal transformation into 7 pillars

 helps thousands of entrepreneurs create Part Time Million Dollar businesses

 is featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Orange Coast Magazine, and more

 loves every minute with my two beautiful boys

 will stop on a dime for a good cup of coffee

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Meet Daniel... 

Daniel Rigel is the co-founder of eLIVate Club and an entrepreneurial expert. His love for travel, adventure, and growth is the foundation of each eLIVate retreat and the unique experiences custom-designed for eLIVate members. He owns a chiropractic clinic and travels the world to consult other successful entrepreneurs. His work and life embody each eLIVate principle.